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It does not matter what kind of insurance we are seeking, there will be ways that we can make it cheaper for ourselves by giving the matter some thought. Firstly, it will be about finding a competitive insurer that is experienced in offering quotations for different kinds of insurances. A place where all your insurance needs can be catered for without further searching around to make each one competitive would be useful. You may find it helpful to explore the website before, after, or while reading this article.


Car Insurance

Car insurance has to be the insurance with the most variants that will affect your premium. At the same time, this provides you with many ways to save money. We will explore the main factors that influence your premium, whether that is about loading it or discounting it.

You should always pay particular attention to the engine size of your vehicle and whether it is categorized as high performance. If you do not want this, in particular, then you will undoubtedly be unnecessarily paying extra insurance for the privilege. Vehicles, in insurance terms, are grouped between 1 and 50, with 50 costing the most to insure. Apart from engine size, the costs of repairs will determine also whether a vehicle ends up in a higher group. Luxury vehicles will undoubtedly be more expensive to repair. Some decisions might surprise you, so it is worth checking this list or simply obtaining an insurance quotation that takes all of your circumstances accurately into account.

Ways to receive discounts from motor insurance policies include:

  • Ensuring that you hold on to your no claims bonus that you will build up for claim-free driving years. Drive carefully and do not allow it to lapse and so not be transferrable. It is generally valid for 2 years if taking a break from driving.
  • Agree to an increased compulsory excess or elect to have a voluntary excess in addition.
  • Invest in a Thatcham-approved or insurance-approved alarm/immobilizer if your vehicle is not fitted with one as standard.
  • Store your vehicle in a garage overnight.

As talked about, years of careful driving will build up a no claims bonus that will discount a policy. This can increase from 30 percent for 1 year of claim-free driving to 60% for 4 years or more. Protecting no claims bonus is a long-term strategy for keeping your insurance premium lower if you find yourself at a higher risk of causing an accident that would result in a claim.


Home Insurance

Decide whether you need accidental damage cover added to your home insurance. This is an optional add-on that you can consider with buildings and contents cover. It goes beyond the normal cover by covering things such as irons dropped on carpets or nails accidentally drilled through pipes during a DIY job that has gone wrong. Otherwise, you may just be covered for events that happen because of the elements or someone else’s carelessness. It is worth checking your household policy carefully for exclusions.

If we are careful as a person, we can save money by not having accidental damage cover included. Another way that we can save money on household insurance can be to have a combined buildings and contents policy with the same insurer. It can be good to match the renewal dates for convenience, too, where they are different.


Business Premises

When business owners have a choice of where to situate their business premises, then it is cost-effective to always look towards areas that have lower crimes rates. This will keep the insurance premium to a minimum. Also, areas that are less affected by storms will result in fewer claims. Although policyholders are insured for claiming storm damage, there will be excesses to pay, and any claims made will affect the amount of premium payable the next year. Also, when switching insurers, the new insurer will need to know the full claims history of the last five years, and then take that into account.


Commercial Van Insurance

If you run a business and employ people who will drive your vehicles, then you can save money by looking to employ drivers with insurance-friendly credentials. Situations that will load premiums include employing young inexperienced drivers and taking on drivers with a poor claims history or motoring convictions.

Always look to buy as small a van as you can get away with in terms of storage capacity. The larger the van, and therefore the engine size, the higher the insurance premium can be. 


These are just a few costing saving examples when it comes to looking for insurance. It is worth obtaining alternative quotations to find out the companies with the best rates and how they can help you with the discounts that they offer.

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