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Garage doors were not always the secure access points they are today, but advances in technology have made them just that. Modern garage doors have security sensors that can detect any movement in the area, and they use advanced software to tell if the activity is human or robotic. Even better, the security sensors can be controlled remotely, which means that you can start your car from inside the house.

Your garage door may be one of the most valuable parts of your home, but many people do not consider the security it needs. Garage doors are made up of multiple moving parts, and if a burglar were to gain control of it, they could enter your home in a number of ways. Fortunately, there are ways that you could improve your garage door security. Most of the new houses (perhaps sold by companies similar to with the latest technology may have preinstalled garage security measures. However, if your house doesn’t have any garage security, you can read further to learn basic tips and tricks to ensure the safety of your garage.

Close the garage door

The garage door is one of the most frequently used doors in your home. It is usually opened and closed multiple times a day, meaning it is vulnerable to break-ins, vandalism, and weather damage, among other things. It is important to keep your garage secure, and one of the best ways to do that is by installing a new garage door. As much as it tends to be important to keep the front entry doors updated and secured, so is the case with garage doors as well. But before you run out and spend thousands on a new one, do not forget that there are other ways you can boost the security of your garage door. One such way is by closing your garage door every time it is not in use. It may seem basic, but closing it and locking it can deter burglars who try and take a chance.

Keep your belongings out of sight

Keeping belongings sight out of view is one of the most common ways to boost garage door security. Most home burglars look for homes that they can easily break into. If they see doors or windows they can easily crawl through or doors that are easy to gain access to, a burglar may choose to target that particular home. So, if you keep expensive equipment in your garage as well as tools, it may be best to conceal them or lock them away in a secure place so they are not fully in sight.

Do the garage repair

Incomplete garage repair can cause security issues. For instance, if your garage floor is cracked near the door, the burglars can easily dig up the rest of the floor and crawl in. So, call Concrete contractors in Lubbock (or where you reside) to avoid such problems. Check if there are any similar threats and fix them as soon as possible. For instance, check if the locks in your garage are in a good shape. If not, then consider contacting a locksmith near you from firms like Your Alabaster Locksmith –popularly known as Locksmith Alabaster, who can do the job quickly.

Light your garage and drive

Garage lighting is just as important for safety as it is for ambiance. Garage lights are valuable theft deterrents, and it is a great way to keep your garage safe and well-lit so that it looks like people are home or in there, plus paired with a visible security camera, it can put a stop to people trying to break in.

Secure your side door

Securing your side garage door is easier than securing your garage door. The side garage door is the one that is accessible from the side of the house or condominium. It can be overlooked at night when locking up, so set a reminder for yourself to lock it at the end of the day or whenever you go out.

Hide your remote

Hiding your remote controls is a simple way to increase the security of your garage. Replacing your standard remote with a new one in an obvious place like on your desk is not a good idea. If a thief finds your remote, he likely has the whole plan figured out and will be able to open the garage door without issue.

Choose an opener that supports a smartphone connection

It is no secret that garage door openers can be manipulated and allow an intruder to gain access to your home. While an added security sensor is a great start, ensuring you have an opener that supports a smartphone connection is also a way to boost garage door security.

Choose a secured by design garage door

Want to boost the security of your home? A garage door is one of the high points of potential entry to your home. Although unlikely, a break-in through your garage is a scary thought, particularly since most break-ins are reported to occur when no one is home. To enhance the security of the garage door, consider the tips above to help you secure the area. Additional security measures can be added to boost the door’s security further if needed.

Knowing what to do about your garage door security can help prevent unwanted visitors from getting in and help keep your belongings safe, so it is important to know all the ins and outs of protecting your home.

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